About the builder

Mana is an indigenous Pacific islander concept of an impersonal force that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects. The word is used in many Oceanic Languages.
It has commonly been interpreted as "the stuff of which magic is formed," as well as the substance of which souls are made.

"Mana" is created into each hand-crafted Pacific Ukelele naturally. It creates an unexplanable magic that comes out in music and permeates the musician, and anyone listening.

craftsman robert hein

Born in 1941 in a small surfing community of San Diego, California, my interest in wood and craftsmanship started when I was young, working under the guidance of my father to shape my first balsa wood surfboard. I was captivated and throughout my life have continued to enjoy and pursue working with wood and hand tools.

From the selection and feel of the woods to the smell of the sawdust as I work, the creative process of taking several pieces of rough wood and crafting them in to an instrument that makes a beautiful sound has become my passion.

Ukekleles were the next natural progression for me after my years of hand-crafting guitars. I've honed a building style of my own that blends my ideas with many traditional and respected techniques that I have adopted into my Ukelele building techniques, creating exceptional hand crafted ukeleles.

For me, the pinnacle joy of building is seeing my instruments, guitar or ukelele, being played by anyone; from Jerry Brimm, proud owner of 4 Pacific Ukes to professional musicians who experience all I've strived to put into them; playability, tonal quality, and fine craftsmanship.